Grate Lakes Taiko Center(非営利団体)が主催する盆踊り祭りイベント「MIBon2024」が今年も8月11日(日曜日)にBloomfield Cranbrookと共同開催予定です。
このイベントはコミュニティにおける文化紹介と、ご来場頂いた方に日本の文化を体験して頂くことを目的としております。昨年は8月にBloomfield Cranbrookと共同でMIBon2023を開き、一般の方も含め、約500名の方々にご来場頂き、一緒に盆踊りや太鼓演奏を楽しんで頂きました。

Great Lakes Taiko Center
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Arama Odori” Dancing Volunteer Wanted! Great Lakes Taiko Center

MIBon2024, a Bon Odori Festival event organized by the Great Lakes Taiko Center (a non-profit organization) and Bloomfield Cranbrook, is scheduled on August 11 this year. This event aims to introduce Japanese culture to the community and allow visitors to experience it.
Last August, we held MIBon2023 in collaboration with Bloomfield Cranbrook, and around 500 people came to enjoy Bon Odori and taiko performances together.
This year, we plan to perform the Aomori Prefecture Imabetsu “Arama” (Aomori Prefecture Intangible Cultural Asset) as one of the taiko performances. Arama is conducted every year in the local town of Imabetsu as a “Kami-Okuri” (sending off the gods) for the farmers to express their blessings and gratitude when the rice planting is finished in August, and the gods of the rice fields ascend to the heavens. The dance is characterized by men playing the horses and women taking the reins. Men and women dance in pairs and prance wildly to accompany taiko drums and shinobue (bamboo flute).
MIBon2024 is looking for high school and university students and adults to collaborate with the center’s taiko drumming team and perform the Imabetsu Arama dance. It is a new venture for us, and we look forward to it. We plan to hold practice sessions in the Novi and Ann Arbor areas on several Sundays leading up to the event in August. We will contact you soon with the details.
If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch with Noriko Maidens via email.
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Great Lakes Taiko Center
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