In Metro Detroit, there are sometimes blackouts (power outages) because of weather or equipment failure in the neighborhood. Here’s what you can do if you experience a blackout in America.

1.Check your breaker to see if the problem is only for your house. If one or more of the switches are on the off position, put them back to the on position.

2.If your breaker is fine, then it’s an exterior problem. You can go outside to see if the lights are on at your neighbors’ houses. You might have this conversation:
* A. Is your power out? 停電してる?
* B. Yes, it is. You, too? してるわ。あなたも?
* A. When will it come back on, do you know? いつ電気が戻るか知ってる?
* B. I checked with DTE. They said that it should come back on in 2-3 hours. DTEで確認してみたわ。2-3時間で戻るって言ってたけど。

3.Go online to your electric company (usually and find an option that probably says, “Power Outage Map” to see if they know about your power outage. You can also request text updates on when the power will be restored or when it is back on, just in case you don’t want to be at home while you wait.
利用している電力会社のホームページ(たいていより、“Power Outage Map” のオプションを見て、あなたの家が停電していることを電力会社が把握しているかを調べましょう。また、停電の復旧を待ってる間に自宅に居たく無い場合は、電力の復旧する時期やいつ電気が戻るのかの最新情報をテキストで受け取れるようにリクエストする事ができます。

4.Always make sure to have a phone charger for your car because if your phone dies, because cafés and restaurants fill up quickly with people charging their phones and computers. In very cold weather, hotels often all fill up quickly, so make a decision soon about what you will do!

5.Even if you have no electricity, your water, stove and/or BBQ set might be on gas. We had no power for 5 days in zero temperatures, but we had hot water!

6.One last recommendation – learn how to open your garage door in the case of a power outage! Just pull the red cord once, and open/close the garage door with your hands.

7. Here are a few sentences you may use related to a blackout: 停電時に関連する文章がこちらです:
* Cancelling: Hi, how are you? I need to cancel the lesson because my house has a power outage and I don’t know how to open my garage.キャンセル:こんにちは。お元気ですか?家が停電していてガレージの開け方が分からないのでレッスンをキャンセルしたいのですが。
* Playdate: Can we have a playdate at your house today? Our power is out and the house is cold! プレーデート:今日あなたの家でプレーデートできるかしら?停電していて家が寒いのよ!

* Reminiscing: We had a blackout at our house yesterday for 5 hours! The power came back on at 7pm. 想起:昨日うちは5時間も停電してたのよ!電気が戻ったのは夜の7時。

May you have minimal problems if you experience a power outage!

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