I recently heard that America and Japan have different stories about Santa. In America, Santa lives at the North Pole with the elves, and the reindeer help him deliver the presents all in one night.


Santa will give one present for each good child, and every bad child will get coal in their stocking. Parents also fill the stockings the night before so that they are full in the morning.


Children can write letters to Santa asking what they want, either in the mall when they get their pictures taken with Santa, or by writing him a letter or sending an e-mail request.

The North Pole address is NORTH POLE POSTMARK POSTMASTER 4141 POSTMARK DR, ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998 and a fun easy online website to use is http://www.aletter4santa.com/.


北極のアドレスはNORTH POLE POSTMARK POSTMASTER 4141 POSTMARK DR, ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998、ウェブサイトはhttp://www.aletter4santa.com/です。

Children usually put out cookies and milk the night before for Santa to eat when he delivers the presents for each child. Of course, mom and/or dad need to remember to enjoy them while they put out the presents from ‘Santa’!!


In America, the whole family will receive presents from each other, from relatives, from friends and neighbors, etc., so there are often many presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Some families open the presents right away. In my family, the kids can open one present on Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas morning we eat breakfast first, and then take turns opening the presents (youngest to oldest, repeating until the presents are gone). It takes a few hours.


Here is a sample conversation you can use when talking with children about Santa:

You: Did you go see Santa at the mall?

Child: Yeah….it was fun!

You: What did you ask Santa for Christmas?

Child: I asked for a video game.

You: Do you think you will get it? Were you good this year?

Child: I was good! I think I’m gonna get it….

You: What kind of cookies will you leave Santa?

Child: Chocolate chip!

You: Are you going to try and stay awake so that you can see Santa?

Child: Yeah, I want to see him!!

Try it!


あなた: モールでサンタさんを見た?

子ども: うん。楽しかったよ!

あなた: クリスマスにサンタさんに何を頼んだの?

子ども: テレビゲームを頼んだんだ。

あなた: もらえると思う?今年、良い子だった?

子ども: 良い子だったよ! もらえると思うんだけど・・・。

あなた: どんなクッキーをサンタさんのために置いておくの?

子ども: チョコレートチップ!

あなた: サンタさんに会うために夜遅くまで起きているつもり?

子ども: うん。サンタさんに会うんだ!


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