School is just around the corner! If you are new to the area, or if your child is going to a new school, you may need to ask the questions below.


  • We will move here soon. Could we get a tour of the school?
  • What form do I need for ~?
    • enrolling my child for school?
    • car pick-up? (for after-school pick up)
    • physical? (to prove shots or play sports)
    • medication request? (to administer meds at school)
    • the background check for volunteers?
  • Do I [give you this form / turn in this form here]?
  • Can I pay the lunch money here?
  • 近々こちらに引っ越してきます。学校見学はできますか?
  • ~ にはどの用紙が必要ですか?
    • 入学手続き
    • 車でのお迎え(バスに乗らず、放課後迎えに行く場合)
    • 健康証明(予防注射の確認と課外運動するため)
    • 薬に関するリクエスト(学校で投薬するため)
    • ボランティア活動をするための身元調査
  • この書類は、ここに提出/再提出すればいいですか?
  • ランチのお金はこちらで支払えますか

When you meet your child’s teacher for the first time, and you want to say, “yoroshiku-onegaishimasu’, you can say these phrases.


  • Thank you for teaching Miu this year.
  • I’m glad that you’re her teacher this year.
  • She’s looking forward to your class.

If you would like to say a full introduction, you can use these long or short versions.


  • Hi, my name is Akiko. Nice to meet you! This is my son, Shuya. He will be in your class. He’s looking forward to your class. Thank you for teaching him!
  • Hi, my name is Akiko. I’m Shuya’s mom. Nice to meet you! Thank you for teaching him!

Bus Hint: If you ride the bus, you receive the bus schedule a week or so before school starts. If you don’t receive it, you can go online and find the transportation e-mail and schedule. “We didn’t receive the bus schedule yet. What should we do?”


無料学校関係カウンセリングデー : 2017年8月25日(金)11am-1pm


Back-to-Schoolセミナー : 2017年9月8日(金)&11日(月)1pm-2:30pm 要予約

*Back-to-Schoolに関する写真付きのショッピングリストが必要な方はinformation@ までご連絡ください。コービーにてもご覧になれます。


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