Do you know what popular foods and drinks originated in Michigan? I have been in this state for 10 years, and I still don’t know everything!! Here are some that I knew, that you may also know:


  • Coney Dog
  • Vernors (ginger ale)
  • Mackinac Island fudge
  • Apples (cider mills!!)
  • Better Made (chips)
  • Faygo (pop/soda)
  • Kellogg (cereal)
  • Hudsonville Ice Cream
  • Sanders (chocolate and ice cream)
  • Cherry Republic (cherry stuff!)

And here are some that I didn’t know. How about you?


  • Detroit square pizza
  • Pasty (pocket pastry meal)
  • Garden Fresh Gourmet (salsa)
  • Gerber (baby food)
  • Germack Pistachio Co. (snack nuts)
  • Lake fish (Great Lakes fish!)
  • Vlasic (pickles)
  • McClure’s (pickles)

Of course, there are more items that have been made or started in Michigan, like popcorn, special donuts, specialty beers, etc. If you are at a store or restaurant, you might want to ask about what Michigan-made products they might have. You can use any of these questions.


  • Do you have any (products / food / drinks) made in Michigan?
  • ミシガンで作られた(商品/食べ物/飲み物)はありますか?
  • Do you have any locally-made (products / food / drinks)?
  • この地域で作られた(商品/食べ物/飲み物)はありますか?
  • Can you recommend any (products / food / drinks) that are special to Michigan?
  • ミシガンで有名な(商品/食べ物/飲み物)のお薦めはありますか?
  • What do you have (from Michigan / made in Michigan)?
  • (ミシガン産/ミシガンで作られた)ものはありますか?

Maybe a fun plan this year is to try everything! I’ll try and do it, too. Ittedakimasu!



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