Fall is just around the corner, and in Michigan, that means … apple picking and cider mills! If you are new to America and/or Michigan, this is something that you cannot miss, especially the donuts!



A very common J-E translation mistake is “I go apple pick.” It’s better to follow the ‘go + ing’ pattern (go swimming, go golfing, etc.) and say, “I go apple-picking.” Some other examples are:

日本語を英語に訳すときによくある間違いが、「I go apple pick.」これは、「go + ing」のパターンがベターです。(go swimming, go golfingなど)リンゴ狩りに行く際は、「I go apple-picking.」と表現しましょう。他の例はこちらです。

• We went blueberry-picking.

• We will go chestnut-picking.

• Have you gone asparagus-picking yet?

• I really want to go strawberry picking.

Cider Mills

Cider mills in Michigan differ from place to place – some have the orchards, some make the cider and donuts, some have everything including mazes and children’s activities. Whichever one you go to, here are some questions that you might want to use:


• Do you have plain donuts?

• プレーンドーナツはありますか?

• Can I buy just a few apples (of each kind)?

• 2、3個のリンゴを購入できますか?(それぞれの種類ごとに)

• Do you sell any small apple pies?

• 小さなアップルパイは売っていますか?

• Is there U-Pick at this location? (Some orchards allow customers to pick produce, some do not.)

• フルーツ狩りはこちらではやっていますか?(農園によっては、お客さんが狩ることが


• When does the cider season start/finish?

• いつサイダーシーズンはスタートしますか/終わりますか?

Apple Cooking Ideas 

(All ideas below are found on my free blog at www.jfsusa.com)


• Apple Crisp – easier than apple pie and just as yummy!

• アップルパイよりかんたんで、おいしい!

• Apple Sauce – an American staple that can also be used in lieu of oil for healthy baking!

• アメリカの特産品で、ヘルシーな焼き方として油の代わりにも使えます!

• Apple Pancakes – shred apples and put in pancake batter (with cinnamon if you’d like)!

• リンゴを細かく切り刻んで、パンケーキの生地に練りこみます(シナモンを入れても良いですよ)!

Finally, when apple season is over, you can still drink apple cider during the winter – it’s called Alpine Spiced Cider and is also on my blog.

最後に、リンゴの季節が終わっても冬の間アップルサイダーを飲むことができます。それはアルパイン・スパイス・サイダーと呼ばれ、 私のブログで見ることができます。


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