School is just around the corner! If you are new to the area, or if your child is going to a new school, you may need to ask the questions below.


We will move here soon. Could we get a tour of the school?

What form do I need for ~?

o enrolling my child for school?

o car pick-up? (for after-school pick up)

o physical? (to prove shots or play sports)

o medication request? (to administer meds at school)

o the background check for volunteers?

Do I [give you this form / turn in this form here]?

Can I pay the lunch money here?


~ にはどの用紙が必要ですか?

o 入学手続き

o 車でのお迎え(バスに乗らず、放課後迎えに行く場合)

o 健康証明(予防注射の確認と課外運動するため)

o 薬に関するリクエスト(学校で投薬するため)

o ボランティア活動をするための身元調査



When you meet your child’s teacher for the first time, and you want to say, “yoroshiku-onegaishimasu’, you can say these phrases.


Thank you for teaching Miu this year.

I’m glad that you’re her teacher this year.

She’s looking forward to your class.

If you would like to say a full introduction, you can use these long or short versions.


Hi, my name is Akiko. Nice to meet you! This is my son, Shuya. He will be in your class. He’s looking forward to your class. Thank you for teaching him!

Hi, my name is Akiko. I’m Shuya’s mom. Nice to meet you! Thank you for teaching him!

Bus Hint: If you ride the bus, you receive the bus schedule a week or so before school starts. If you don’t receive it, you can go online and find the transportation e-mail and schedule. “We didn’t receive the bus schedule yet. What should we do?”


☆ ☆ ☆

JFS USAでは8月22日(月)10am ~1pmに「無料スクールサポートデー」を開催致します。学校に関する質問、サポートや翻訳等のお手伝いを当オフィスにて行いますので是非お越しください。

Back-to-Schoolに関する写真付きのショッピングリストが information@jfsusa.comと コービーにてご覧になれます。

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