Vacation Tip #1: If you go on vacation for 3-30 days, you should request a mail hold from the post office. They will deliver all the mail when you come back. Just go to > Quick Tools > Hold Mail. Fill in the information and click Submit.

バケーションのヒント1:もし3日〜30日ぐらいの休暇を取るなら、郵便局に郵便物の配達をストップするように依頼をしましょう。帰宅した後に全ての郵便を届けてくれます。こちらのURL に行き、 > Quick Tools > Hold Mail の手順で進めましょう。必要事項を記入しSubmitをクリックします。

Vacation Tip #2: When you go on vacation, make sure your house looks like someone is there. Ask someone to pick up any newspapers, put away your garbage can if needed, and always leave a light on inside as well as outside.


Anyway, may you have a safe and fun trip if you go somewhere, and if you are staying in Michigan, may you enjoy the wonderful Michigan summer!


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