JBSD基金の外務大臣表彰受賞 1





080JBSD (Japan Business Society of Detroit)
Foundation Receives Foreign Minister Commendation 

from Consul General of Japan in Detroit

DETROIT, Mich. – Nov. 25, 2015 – JBSD (the Japan Business Society in Detroit) Foundation has been awarded a Foreign Minister’s Commendation by Fumio Kishida, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan. The commendation was presented on November 17, 2015 to Mr. Eiji Kato, president of the JBSD Foundation, by Mitsuhiro Wada, who recently was appointed Consul General of Japan in Detroit, with jurisdiction of Michigan and Ohio, at a reception commemorating the 82nd birthday of Emperor Akihito of Japan.

This specific Foreign Minister’s Commendation was presented, on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary after WWII, to recognize individuals and organizations which have increasingly contributed to the promotion of goodwill and friendship between Japan and other countries. The JBSD Foundation’s commendation is in recognition of its activities for promoting U.S.-Japan bilateral relations and mutual understanding. The Japan Business

Society of Detroit (JBSD), the mother organization of the Foundation, received the Foreign Minister’s commendation in 2004.

The JBSD Foundation has been providing many grants to Michigan nonprofit organizations and academic institutions for community activities, education and research programs and projects promoting Japan-U.S. bilateral relations. In total they have given 1.8 million US dollars over 23 years. The Foundation also provides scholarships to American high school and university students to study in Japan. Through the JBSD Foundation scholarship initiative, over the last 19 years, 159 students have participated in the program and traveled to Japan to study.

“The JBSD Foundation’s exemplary contributions and commitment to the community and education make it an ideal recipient of this commendation on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary after WWII,” said Wada. “As the commendation states, The Foundation has made outstanding efforts toward mutual understanding between Japan and the United States with distinguished achievements contributing to friendship and goodwill. The JBSD Foundation has created and is continually fostering great activities which represent the Japanese community in this region and it is an honor to work with the JBSD and its Foundation.”

About the Consulate-General of Japan in Detroit 

The Consulate-General of Japan in Detroit was established in 1993 by the Government of Japan to serve in the states of Michigan and Ohio. The Detroit office is one of 14 Japanese Consulates General in the United States. The Consulate strives to promote better understanding of Japan and Japanese culture through educational and cultural programs. The office protects the interests of Japanese citizens and strengthens the Japan-U.S. alliance through furthering relations with local governments, companies, educational institutions, cultural organizations and the general public. 

For more information, visit www.detroit.us.emb-japan.go.jp/ 

or call (313) 567-0120.