“Happy new year!”

In America, you can say this either before or after the new year comes in, so that is easy to remember. However, a teacher or friend might also ask you “Do you have any new year’s resolutions?” Here are some ideas to help you navigate a conversation about it.


A. Happy new year! Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

B. Oh, happy new year to you, too! No, I don’t have any resolutions.

(HINT: You can reply “Happy new year” or “Happy new year to you, too” or just “You, too.”) 

(ヒント:“Happy new year” や “Happy new year to you, too”もしくは “You, too.”と返事をしましょう。)

A. Really? No plans? No goals? No ideas?

B. Well, I guess that I would like to visit California. Also, I want to learn more English. How about you?

(HINT: “I guess that” is good to use if it’s just an idea, but you’re not sure.)

(ヒント: “I guess that” は思っているだけで、本当に実行するかは不明な時に使うといいでしょう。)

A. Oh, I plan to pick up tennis, learn how to knit, travel to Alaska, and lose 10 pounds.

B. B. Wow, that’s a lot! Good luck!

(HINT: “Pick up” is another way to say “start.” It’s a next-level English word.) 

(ヒント: “Pick up” は “start” の他の言い方です。ちょっと難しい単語の使い方になります。)

A. Hi, how are you? Happy new year!

B. Hi, how are you? You, too!

(HINT: You can just say “How are you” in return, like a greeting. You don’t always have to say, “I’m fine.” ヒント: “How are you”とだけ挨拶のように言ってもいいです。いつも “I’m fine.”と言わなくてもいいんですよ。)

A. How was your holiday?

B. It was fun. We went to Florida. How about you?

A. We didn’t go anywhere. We just relaxed at home.

B. Oh, that sounds nice.

(HINT: “That sounds nice/good” is a better translation of “Ii, ne” than “It’s good.” Remember, use it when listening about something. If you are looking at something, you say “That looks nice/good.” ヒント: “That sounds nice/good”は “It’s good.”より「いいね」の訳としては良いですね。何かについて聞いている時に使うと言うことを忘れずに。もし、何かを見ているのであれば、 “That looks nice/good.”と言います。)

A. So, do you have any new year’s resolutions?

B. Oh, I have to think about it. How about you?

(HINT: “I have to think about it” is an easy way to not say your resolution, if you don’t have one or don’t want to say. ヒント: “I have to think about it.”は決意がない時や言いたくない時などに使う簡単な言い方です。)

A. I just hope that my family is healthy and happy this year.

B. That’s a good resolution. Me, too!

Japanese Family Services, USA