About News Paper Advertisement

For advertising on printed newspaper, contact for latest pricing details.
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About Website Advertisement

We are currently accepting new advertisements for JNC Online.
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Our website access has been growing annually with about 3,000 visits per month.

Long term contract discounts of 10% off from 3 months.

Below are Banner Advertisement sizes and prices as of October 1st, 2017.

Ad Locations (Top Page)

Banner Size  A (468×60)

・Top of All Pages: 1 Slot
・Rotation: Up to 3 Businesses
・$140 per Month

Banner Size B (120×60)

・Top Page + Search Pages: 1~5 Slots
・Rotation: None
・$20 Per Month

Banner Size C (250×75)

・Right Column All Pages: 1~3 Slots
・Rotation: Up to 3 Businesses
・$50 Per Month

Banner Size D (250×250)

・Right Column All Pages: 2 Slots
・Rotation: Up to 2 Businesses
・$140 Per Month

Banner Ad Design

・JPEG (Static): Size A $40~ C $80
・GIF (Animated): Size A $60~C$100
Cost may vary by amount of work required.

About Special Business Pages

We can create a special page for business owners who do not have a website. Features include Japanese/English bilingual support, Photo Galleries, and other custom content according to business needs.

Page Design: $80 (First Time Only)
Page Update: :$20~50 Per Update
Japanese Translation: $20 Per 100 Words
(Price effective as of October 1st, 2017)

Business Page Example: